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Plesk Hosting Server Certificate Renewal (2022+)

The following announcement only affects customers who host their own domain name on our Plesk hosting server.

We have renewed our SSL/TLS security certificate for our Plesk hosting server (host.widomaker.com). This renewed certificate will be used for connections to the Plesk server and the Plesk Control Panel. This includes HTTPS, FTPS, and some email connections (POP3, IMAP, SMTP).

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[Resolved] Office Telephone Outage Sept. 13-14, 2022

9/13/2022 3:50 PM – Beginning on Sept 13, 2022, around 3:50 PM, there is a telephone company outage, in our area, that is affecting our office telephone lines. If you try to call our office and can’t get through, please email us or use this temporary number (757-369-9438), to reach us.

9/14/2022 11:00 AM – Telephone service at our office has been restored.

Horde Webmail Changed to RoundCube Webmail on Plesk Hosting Servers

This post is only applicable to customers who have their domain’s email hosted on our Plesk hosting servers _AND_ (at least sometimes) access their email using the Horde webmail application. Note that most hosting customers use Outlook or Thunderbird to access their email, and do not regularly use webmail.

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MariaDB (MySQL) Upgrade, and Note on Supported PHP Versions, on our Plesk Hosting Servers

If you have a domain name hosted on one of our Plesk web hosting servers, please direct your web designer, webmaster, or I.T. Support, to this post.

This post covers two website hosting related items, the upcoming MariaDB (MySQL) database software upgrade, and a reminder about currently supported PHP versions.

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