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[Resolved] Email Server Authentication Issue 4/28/2020

4/28/2020 6:00 PM – The issue has been resolved.

4/28/2020 12:30 PM – Our email server provider is experiencing an authentication issue that may affect widomaker.com email accounts, as well as Hosted Email Pro Enhanced Email accounts. Plesk email accounts are NOT affected.

Investigating – We are currently experiencing an issue that is impacting (IMAP, POP, Cluster B, Webmail). We’re experiencing authentication problems in cluster B that may affect end users, our operations team is investigating.

Client Impact: Some users might experience authentication issues when attempting to access POP, IMAP and webmail services.

Details and updates may be found by clicking the links/buttons, below…

Cluster B email authentication

[Resolved] Inbound Mail Delay & Intermittent Login Issues 2/17/2020

11:22 am – We are currently experiencing an issue with our Personal Email (@widomaker.com email addresses) and Hosted Email Pro server. Plesk Standard Email is not affected.

Client Impact: Inbound mail will be delayed. Some users may also face intermittent slowness to login to Webmail/IMAP/POP services.

Updates regarding this issue may be found by clicking the button, below…

Cluster B inbound mail delay

5:13 pm – The delays with inbound Email, as well as the intermittent slowness, have been resolved.

Increase in Emotet Malware Attacks via Email

Trojan HorseThis is just a quick note to remind customers to be vigilant when reading email.

In recent days there has been an increase in malware attacks by a family of malware, and cybercrime operation, known as Emotet. [1] The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently posted an update regarding Increased Emotet Malware Activity. [2]

Some main points, to be aware of, include…

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Email Planned Maintenance

maintenance photoWe have received notice of some upcoming planned maintenance periods on our email platform. This will affect email customers using our Personal Email service, with widomaker.com (or tni.net) addresses, as well as any customers who use our Hosted SMB E-mail or Enhanced Email services. Customers who use our Standard Email service, which is hosted and managed on our Plesk hosting servers, are not affected.

Users may notice brief email interruptions, or blips, during the maintenance windows. The maintenance windows are listed, below…

Tue, Jan 21, 12:00 AM – 03:00 AM ET
Wed, Jan 22, 12:00 AM – 03:00 AM ET

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