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Phone Lines 8/9/17

Due to a telephone company outage, our office phone lines are currently down.  As a result, you may not be able to reach our office by telephone.  Until this is resolved, please e-mail support any inquiries.

Update 11:30am:  The telephone company has estimated repairs will not be completed until after 1:00pm.

Update 12:00pm:  Phone service has been restored.

Cox Communications Internet Outage 7/18/2017

Cox OutageWidomaker’s services are all up and running, at the present time. However, some folks who use Cox Communications for their Internet connection, in Hampton Roads, may be experiencing an Internet outage affecting their ability to open websites or check e-mail.

Normally we don’t post announcements about other providers’ service outages unless it affects Widomaker, directly. However, we have decided to make an announcement, due to the number of hosting and e-mail customers who may use Cox for their Internet connection. Some Cox customers might notice that, due to the Cox outage, they are unable to reach websites, including their hosted websites, or their e-mail servers, through their home or business Cox Internet connection.

If you use Cox for your Internet connection, in the local Hampton Roads area, and you have noticed trouble with your Internet connection, today, you might consider calling Cox Support to see if your location is part of the outage. Alternatively, you might check back in several hours to see if the Cox outage has been resolved. Cox Business Support can be reached by calling 757-369-6500. Residential Cox Support can be reached by calling 757-224-1111.

Some folks have reported that their Internet connection is working but DNS is not. DNS issues can look like a complete loss of connectivity. If you are unable to open any websites using their name (such as http://home.widomaker.com/), but are able to open sites using their numeric IP address (such as, then there is a DNS issue.

If you have determined you are affected by a Cox DNS issue, until the DNS issue is resolved, switching to an alternative DNS server, might restore your Internet access. Two popular public DNS providers include Google Public DNS, and OpenDNS. Instructions to use one of these alternative DNS providers can be found at the below links…

If you don’t feel comfortable changing the DNS settings on your router or computers then the alternative is to simply wait until the outage is resolved.

July 4th 2017

Our offices and phone support will be closed on, Tuesday, July 4th, 2017.  We will resume our normal hours on July 5th.  All systems will remain monitored during the holiday.

Have a safe and fun weekend 🙂

Memorial Day 2017

Widomaker’s phone support and office will be closed for Memorial Day, Monday May 29, 2017.

Normal hours will resume on Tuesday, May 30th.

Slow Internet? Watch Out for High Bandwidth Consuming Apps!

Has your Internet speed suddenly become unusually slow? Have you asked your Internet provider to test your connection, but found no connection issues? One of the apps, on one of your devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), may be consuming all of your available Internet upload or download bandwidth.

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DSL Users Should Disable Windows 10’s Update Delivery Optimization

DSL users may find that their Internet connection seems much slower once they have upgraded a computer to Windows 10, or purchased a new computer with Windows 10. This may be due to Windows 10’s default settings for Windows Updates using what Microsoft calls Windows Update Delivery Optimization.

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[Partially Resolved] Office Telephone Outage

Widomaker’s business telephone lines are experiencing intermittent trouble. This is frequently preventing us from making or receiving calls, or it causes call quality to be so poor that effective communication is not possible. Our telephone provider is aware of the issue and will, hopefully, have it resolved soon.

If you need to reach us during this time and your call is not answered, or if communication is difficult due to the poor call quality, please e-mail us, or leave a voice mail message, which we will return, during business hours.

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