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WordPress 5.2.3 Released with Security and Bug Fixes

Web hosting customers who use the WordPress content management system (CMS) should be aware that WordPress 5.2.3 has been released with security and bug fixes. All hosting customers using WordPress should upgrade to this latest version to avoid their website being compromised via security vulnerabilities in the older versions of WordPress.

WordPress uses can upgrade by logging into the Plesk control panel and using the WordPress Toolkit, or by logging into their WordPress site, and using the Update menu within the WordPress Admin dashboard.

[Resolved] E-mail Server Issue 8/6/2019

August 6, 2019: There is currently an issue that might affect a small number of e-mail users who use mail.widomaker.com as their POP or IMAP server. Affected users might experience delays in inbound mail delivery, or sluggishness using Webmail (webmail.widomaker.com). As a result, emergency maintenance has been scheduled for the evening of 8/6.

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