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Horde Webmail Changed to RoundCube Webmail on Plesk Hosting Servers

This post is only applicable to customers who have their domain’s email hosted on our Plesk hosting servers _AND_ (at least sometimes) access their email using the Horde webmail application. Note that most hosting customers use Outlook or Thunderbird to access their email, and do not regularly use webmail.

Due to several recent security vulnerabilities (https://blog.sonarsource.com/horde-webmail-rce-via-email/), discovered in the Horde webmail application, we have immediately switched from Horde webmail (https://www.horde.org/apps/webmail) to RoundCube webmail (https://roundcube.net/).

For the most part, this change is seamless. However, the Horde Calendar, Address Book and preferences, cannot be carried over to the new RoundCube webmail.

If you have created an address book inside of the Horde webmail application, it will no longer be available. If you need to retrieve the Horde Address Book, contact our office and we investigate the available options.

I’m sorry for the short notice, however, this change was required in order to protect the security of the server and of the customers who use it.

Once last note…

The address (URL) to access Webmail, for domains hosted on our Plesk servers, is in the format of https://webmail.example.com/ where “example.com” should be replaced by your own hosted domain name. If you have bookmarked the old Horde Webmail, your bookmark may have also included “Login.php” at the end of the URL. You will need to create a new bookmark for the new RoundCube Webmail, or remove the “Login.php” from your old bookmark.


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