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[Resolved] Wilma E-mail Server Outage 8/11/2018

[Updates will be added to the bottom of this post]

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, one of Widomaker’s servers began suffering an outage. We have contacted the server provider to report the issue and are waiting on a response.

The affected server, Wilma, provides e-mail service for customers with e-mail addresses that end in widomaker.com or tni.net. Additionally, the server provides the Widomaker websites, www.widomaker.com, and home.widomaker.com. During the outage, e-mail services for @widomaker.com e-mail addresses, and the www.widomaker.com and home.widomaker.com websites will be unavailable. No other services are affected.

Until this server issues is resolved, customers may find updates on Widomaker’s Weblog (Blog) at weblog.widomaker.com.

We apologize for the inconvenience the interruption to e-mail service can cause. We will post an update, here, as soon as we receive an update from the server provider.

Thank you for your patience while we wait for the server provider to resolve the issue.

8/11/2018 12:00PM: We have received an update from the server provider…

There has been an unexpected power loss during planned maintenance; we are currently investigating the cause of this

All devices that lost power have been powered back on. Customers still experiencing downtime should open a support ticket so we can investigate.

This unexpected power loss has left the server in a non-bootable state. We will continue to work with the server provider, and other technicians, to get the server back to a bootable state.

8/11/2018 7:00PM: The Wilma e-mail server is back online and functioning normally. E-mail service for customers with a widomaker.com or tni.net e-mail address is working, again. Widomaker’s websites, www.widomaker.com, and home.widomaker.com, are also working, again. We thank you for your patience while this server issue was resolved.


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