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What to Do *Before* the Upcoming E-mail Migration

Upcoming E-mail Server Migration

We are planning to perform the, previously announced, upcoming e-mail migration of 2018, the first week of September. We are tentatively planning on, Tuesday, September 4th, 2018, with Wednesday as an alternate date. Please review the original announcement for important details.

The most important detail to be aware of is the Username format change. After the migration is complete (not before), you will need to update the Username setting in your e-mail software to use the new format. Previously, the Username, for e-mail, was the first part of your e-mail address, before the “@” sign. After the migration is complete, the Username specified in your e-mail settings must include “@widomaker.com” (without quote marks).

For example, in the past, if your e-mail address was example@widomaker.com, your Username was “example“. After the migration is complete, the Username would be “example@widomaker.com“.

In most cases, updating the Username setting is the only action you will need to take.

What to Do Before the Migration

1.) Locate the instructions for your e-mail program

We have prepared instructions, to update the Username setting, for some commonly used e-mail programs (also known as e-mail clients).

Once the migration is complete (not before), you must update the Username setting in your e-mail software. Be prepared by locating the instructions for the e-mail software you are using, so you can easily refer to them, to update your settings, once the migration is complete.

We have instructions available for the following e-mail programs:

2.) Locate Your Password

Make sure you know your e-mail password. If you think you know what your password is, and want to confirm it is correct, you can test it by logging onto Widomaker Webmail (https://webmail.widomaker.com/).

3.) Review your Widomaker e-mail addresses

Review the e-mail addresses you have on your Widomaker account. Notify us if you are no longer using any of them. If you don’t remember which e-mail addresses you have added to your Widomaker account, contact us to review them.

4.) E-mail Forwarding

If you have enabled e-mail forwarding on any of your Widomaker e-mail addresses, review original announcement’s section on forwarding, reproduced here for your convenience…

Any customers that have set up e-mail forwarding, from their @widomaker.com e-mail account, to another e-mail address, please take note of the following… We may assume, since forwarding is set up, that there is no need for us to transfer any e-mail stored, on the server, in the account that has forwarding enabled. We may just create your e-mail account on the new server and set it to forward to the same e-mail forwarding destination. If you have forwarding enabled, but still have mail stored on the server, that you would like to keep, please contact us, immediately, to discuss your needs and options.

5.) Backup your Webmail Address Book, if you Have One

If you have used the Webmail system, by visiting https://webmail.widomaker.com/, AND created a Webmail Address Book, review the original announcement’s section on the Webmail Address Book, reproduced here for your convenience…

Users of the existing Webmail system (https://webmail.widomaker.com) who have created an Address Book should be aware that when the existing Webmail system is retired, they will no longer have access to that Address Book. If any user of the existing Webmail system has Addresses in the Webmail Address Book that they want to keep, they will need to backup the existing Address Book, before the existing system is retired, by exporting it to a file that they save to their computer. It should be possible to import that file into the new Webmail Address Book, once the new system is online. Once the existing system is retired, it will not be possible to access the existing Address Book, so users are advised to backup/export their existing Webmail Address Book right away. Customers who do not use the Webmail system, or have not created an Address Book in the Webmail system, do not need to take any action regarding their Address Book or e-mail contacts. E-mail address books, or contacts, in desktop/laptop e-mail clients, like Outlook or Thunderbird, keep the address book on the user’s computer, so the changes to the Webmail system would not affect users of those e-mail programs.

6.) Personal Web Page Space

Any customers who have used the old and optional Personal Web Page space (popular in the 1990s), should review the original announcement’s section on Personal Web Storage.

7.) Once the Migration is Complete

Status announcements will be posted on our websites and social media pages, listed below. Once the migration is complete, visit the article titled, What to Do *After* the Upcoming E-mail Migration, and any other relevant postings on:


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