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What to Do *After* the E-mail Migration of 2018 is Complete

* Read the article titled, What to Do *Before* the Upcoming E-mail Migration, first, then proceed with this article containing steps for after the migration is complete.

How Will I Know the Migration is Complete?

We are tentatively planning on performing the e-mail migration of 2018, Tuesday, September 4th, with Wednesday as an alternate date. Please review the original announcement for important details.

We will post status updates, and announcements, on our websites and social media pages. Visit any of these to determine if the migration has completed

Log into the New Widomaker Webmail, if you Need Immediate Access to New E-mail Messages

As soon as the migration is complete (not before), the new Widomaker Webmail system will be immediately available at https://webmail.widomaker.com/. Even before you have updated the settings in your e-mail software, you may log into the new Widomaker Webmail to see which new e-mail messages have arrived since the last time you checked and downloaded your e-mail. More information about how to use Webmail, is available here.

Change Your E-mail Password (Optional but Highly Recommended)

Now would be a good time to change your e-mail password. It is especially important that the password be changed, now, if any of these statements are true:

  • The password hasn’t been changed recently or ever.
  • It is a weak password (for example, a word or name possibly followed by a number).
  • The same password has been used on other websites or services at any point in the past.

Instructions are available, here, to change your e-mail password.

Update the Settings in Your E-mail Program

Once the migration is complete (not before), you must update the Username setting in your e-mail software. We have instructions available for the following e-mail programs:

Spam Filtering Changes

The spam filtering system used by the new e-mail server is different from the previous system. You should be aware of what happens to messages detected as spam, and how to view those messages, or release them from the spam quarantine. Review the notes regarding spam filtering, in the original announcement, summarized here for your convenience…

Widomaker’s previous anti-spam system rejected e-mail messages that were determined to have high likelihood of being spam. In the case of legitimate messages, mistakenly detected as spam, the rejected messages were returned to the sender letting them know the message did not go through.

The new e-mail platform also includes advanced spam filtering. However, messages detected as spam may not be rejected and returned to the sender. This means the sender may not be notified that the message did not go through. Instead, by default, messages will be quarantined, in a special spam/junk folder, that will be visible, to you, in the new Webmail system, or via IMAP. Messages placed in quarantine will be automatically deleted within 30 days. Log into the Webmail system to review the messages detected as spam, and release any legitimate messages by using the “Not Spam” or “Not Junk” buttons in Webmail.


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