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Web Hosting Server Migration from Plesk to cPanel

Update 4/29/2014: The migration has been postponed until further notice.

There are some upcoming changes that may affect Web Hosting customers who have a domain name hosted with Widomaker. Please pass this message along to your IT staff or Webmaster.

The managed services team that we use for our web hosting servers has decided to discontinue support for Plesk based servers. As a result, we will be switching our web hosting servers, from Plesk, to the popular cPanel & WHM Control Panel.

Beginning in, April 2014, we will be migrating all web hosting accounts from our existing servers running the Plesk Panel control panel software to new servers running the cPanel control panel software. We do not anticipate significant problems with this process. However, when moving from one server, and control panel, to another, sometimes issues can arise. A team of server migration experts will be performing the migration.

We will be performing some test migrations with the migration team during the month of March, in an attempt to detect any potential issues that may occur when the actual migration occurs in April.

Before the April migration process begins, we suggest that you…

– make sure you have an up-to-date backup of your web site data including any databases
– make sure you have an up-to-date backup of any settings, such as a list of your e-mail accounts and/or custom DNS records
– If you have an unusual setup or configuration of any kind, please contact us regarding it.
– if you had any unusual customizations made to your hosting or DNS setup that was not done via the normal features of the Plesk Control Panel, please contact us regarding them

While the migration process is occurring in April, we suggest that you…

– avoid making changes to your web site or e-mail addresses.

After we have announced that the migration process has completed…

– Verify that all aspects of your web site, PHP programs, PERL scripts, content management systems (CMS), e-mail, mailing lists, password protected directories, etc., are working properly. If you notice any issues, notify us immediately (within one week of the completed migration notification) so our migration team can investigate.
– Check any PHP programs or scripts (including PERL) for any hard coded paths that may have changed and need to be updated.


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