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Windows XP Support Ending on April 8 2014 (EOL)

On April 8 2014, Windows XP, now 12 years old, will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Widomaker will also end support for Windows XP at the same time. Additionally, Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook 2003 will no longer be supported (prior versions are already unsupported).

Once Microsoft ends support for Windows XP on April 8th, no further security updates will be released. This will make the continued use of Windows XP, on the Internet, unwise and risky.

If you are still using Windows XP, and you have automatic updates (Windows Update) turned on, you will see a popup message beginning on March 8th informing you that you are running Windows XP and support will end on April 8. If you are not sure if you are running Windows XP, you can follow the instructions from Microsoft at this link, or you can visit http://amirunningxp.com/ to find out.

For safety and security reasons, customers who are still using Windows XP should take steps to replace their Windows XP computer with one running an up-to-date and supported operating system (such as Windows 7).

Widomaker currently recommends getting a new computer with Windows 7 installed. We are not recommending Windows 8, at this time. Since most new computers that you can purchase online, or at major retailers, have Windows 8 installed, we have suggestions, further below, for purchasing a new computer with Windows 7 installed from a local business.

Additionally, if you choose to purchase a new Windows 7 based computer from one of the local businesses listed below, you should inquire if they are also able to help you transfer your documents and data from your old computer to the new one. Also, ask if they can help you prepare your old computer for recycling, or recycle your old computer for you. This might also be a good time to inquire about backup solutions and anti-virus software (Widomaker recommends AVAST, for home users, and F-Secure, for businesses) to keep your computer, important documents, and data safe.

Widomaker recommends the following specs, as a good starting point, for customers looking for a new, general purpose, desktop or laptop/notebook computer system…

Desktop: 4th gen i3 CPU: I3-4130 3.4G
4 GB RAM – 500 GB HDD – DVD-Writer – Intel HD 4400 – Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Notebook (15.6IN): 3rd gen i3 CPU: I3-3110M 2.4G
4 GB RAM – 320 GB HDD – DVD-Writer – Intel HD 4000 – Windows 7 Professional 64-bit – 1366 x 768 Display

New desktop or laptop/notebook computers, meeting those specification, can be purchased from any of the below listed local businesses. Just point them to this page on weblog.widomaker.com to see the specs we recommend.

Contact us for help in setting up your web browser (Widomaker recommends Mozilla Firefox or Seamonkey) or e-mail software (Widomaker recommends Mozilla Thunderbird or Seamonkey) on your new computer.

Also, consider installing Widomaker’s proactive support tool to help keep it running smoothly and make technical assistance easier, faster, and more efficient.

Local Computer Shops

Computer Clinic of Williamsburg, Inc.
1769-2C Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Computer Concepts of Williamsburg
5124 Center St. NewTown
Williamsburg, VA. 23188

Computer Concepts Yorktown
4328 GW Memorial Hwy
Yorktown, VA 23692

Computer Consulting Services
12600 Jefferson Ave Suite A
Newport News, VA 23602

Duke Communications
1784 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg, VA. 23185

Interlink Computers
11860 Fishing Point Dr.
Newport News, Virginia 23606

Microsupport Group
1317 Jamestown Road, Suite 101
Williamsburg, VA 23185

3601 La Grange Pkwy
Williamsburg, Virginia 23168

Up & Running Computers
Williamsburg, VA


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