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[Resolved 8/18] DSL outage in Williamsburg on 8/17

As of 7PM, Saturday, Aug 17th, there is known issue affecting some DSL customers in certain parts of the Williamsburg, VA, area.

Beginning around 4:40PM on, Saturday, Aug, 17th 2013, some DSL customers is certain parts of, Williamsburg, VA, were not able to connect.

We have reported this issue to the telephone company and it is being investigated and worked on.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be monitoring the situation as the telephone company works on the issue.

As always, when reporting DSL trouble to us, be sure to include the following information…

  1. Your name (and account number if you know it)
  2. The date and time the trouble began
  3. Your telephone number and DSL number (if different)
  4. The status of each of the lights on your DSL modem. Provide the name of each light and state if it is ON, OFF, or BLINKING.

After reporting trouble, always leave your DSL modem turned on and wiring connected to avoid delays in troubleshooting or getting service restored.

Update as of 1:30PM on, Sunday, August 18th:

Verizon has confirmed that this is an area-wide, telephone company outage. It has been reported to Verizon’s outage group, and they are currently working on it.

If you are located in Williamsburg, have 3 solid green lights on your DSL modem, and lost your Internet connection on Saturday evening, the telephone company is aware of, and working on the problem.

Update as of 8:00PM on, Sunday, August 18th:

Verizon confirms that this issue is part of a known area-wide outage and has been escalated internally, however there is no ETR (Estimated Time of Recovery) from Verizon at this time.

Update as of 8:38PM on, Sunday, August 18th:

Service to affected customers has been restored.


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