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Upcoming Emergency Maintenance Periods (E-mail Server)

This announcement applies to customers with widomaker.com (or tni.net) e-mail accounts. Additionally, it applies to customers who use our Hosted SMB Enhanced Email service with their own domain name. This does not apply to customers using their own domain name with the Standard Email managed with the Plesk Control Panel.

We received the following notices from our email server provider regarding two upcoming emergency server maintenance periods:

The first maintenance period is scheduled for Dec 7, 12:00 AM ET – Dec 9, 12:00 AM ET.

Our operations team will start an index migration in cluster B and will let it run over the weekend until Monday, December 9th, 2019. Users may notice slowness during the maintenance window. We will be monitoring the migration progress and cluster performance to terminate the job in case of any service degradation.

Check here for updates

The second maintenance period is scheduled for Dec 7, 10:00 PM ET – Dec 8, 12:00 AM ET

Our Operations team will perform IMAP rebalancing work to address the recent high load issues in Cluster B. During the maintenance, we will be shutting down and rebooting some IMAP nodes in Cluster B. Users may experience a brief disconnect and reconnect during this maintenance period.

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If any additional maintenance periods are needed, they will be announced here and reference Hosted Email Cluster B.


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