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Monthly Archives: December 2013

[Resolved] Mail & Web Server Maintenance 12/28/2013

As of 3:55PM ET, on 12/28/2013, Widomaker is performing emergency maintenance and repairs on one of our servers. While this maintenance is going on, some services may be occasionally unavailable.

The services that may be affected are…

  • Incoming and outgoing mail service for widomaker.com e-mail accounts (mail.widomaker.com and smtp.widomaker.com).
  • Widomaker’s web page (www.widomaker.com and home.widomaker.com)

We are working on repairs as quickly as possible and hope to have these services restored soon.

Updates may be found here on Widomaker’s weblog (http://weblog.widomaker.com).

Update 5:55PM: Services have been restored.

Anti-Spam Upgrade for widomaker.com E-Mail Accounts

This week Widomaker will be upgrading the anti-spam systems for widomaker.com e-mail accounts. Please note that this will only affect customers who use an e-mail address that ends in “widomaker.com” (or an alternate form).

The new Widomaker.com Anti-Spam System provides more options, better accuracy, and increased speed of processing. The only difference that e-mail users should notice is less spam or junk e-mail in their mailbox.

The anti-spam filtering methods and system have been specifically designed to avoid false positives. However, if you notice that a legitimate message has been rejected as spam, please notify us so we can look into the issue.

Optionally, a personal anti-spam control panel is available and a periodic protection report can be e-mailed, in PDF format, to a customer’s widomaker.com e-mail address. Any customers interested in receiving this report should contact our office to enable that option. A very small monthly fee applies for this option.

The PDF report outlines a summary of the spam and viruses that the filtering service has protected your e-mail address from receiving.

To view the report, a PDF reader is required. You may already have a PDF reader installed on your computer. If not, there are several free PDF readers available.

Christmas Hours 2013

Christmas / New Years Holiday Hours are as follows:


Tuesday, December 24th: 8am to 2pm

Wednesday, December 25th: Closed

Normal Office / Phone Support hours resume on Thursday, December 26th.

New Years

Tuesday, December  31st: 8am to 2pm

Wednesday, January 1st: Closed

Normal Phone Support hours resume on Thursday, January 2nd.

All systems will remain monitored and any status updates can be found here, as well as by calling our support line (757-253-7621) and listening to the automated message. – See more at: http://weblog.widomaker.com
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