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Monthly Archives: August 2011

[Fixed] Phone Outage affecting DSL in 757 Area Code 8/9/11

Please note, DSL customers in the 757 area may be having trouble getting connected to the internet. The common error message is 678 or if you have a router, simply the page cannot be displayed yet your modem will show it’s synched. We are aware of the problem and working with the Phone Company as this issue resides on their network, to resolve this as quick as possible, so please keep trying until this problem is resolved.

8/9/11 9:00a: No ETR as of yet. Have been told that Phone Technicians are working the trouble.

8/9/11 11:50a: Verizon has a fiber cable cut in the 757 area code. Cable is being restored, but still no ETR.

8/9/11 6:20p: NOW WORKING – Verizon has repaired the fiber cable cut.

[Fixed] DSL Outage in Williamsburg 8/3/11

There is a known outage in the Williamsburg area near Centerville and Longhill Road. This outage is caused by a fiber cut at that location. The fiber repair should be restored before noon on Thurs. We will keep this post and support lines updated.

8/4/11 2:30pm: Repair complete

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