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Another Reminder About Phishing E-mail Messages

Reminder… Widomaker will never ask for your password, credit card, or other personal information via e-mail! Make sure to never provide that type of information in response to an unsolicited e-mail message.

Phishing is the act of sending fake, misleading, or fraudulent messages in an attempt to trick recipients into providing personal information. Never respond to phishing messages. Don’t click links in suspicious messages. Never provide personal information to suspicious website links found in unsolicited e-mail messages.

If you have provided your login information, in response to a phishing message, contact us, immediately, to change your password. If you use that same password on other sites (highly discouraged) you should change those passwords, also.

Several customers have recently reported this specific phishing message, but phishing messages are a common occurrence and change frequently…


In the above images, note some of the suspicious characteristics of this particular phishing message…

  1. The phishing message came from an unusual and foreign e-mail address.
  2. The message was not addressed to the recipient’s e-mail address.
  3. The message did not greet the recipient using their real name.
  4. The message contains a link, or links, to suspicious domain names, in this case, one of which redirected to a site in Thailand.

If the link in the phishing message was clicked/opened, a fake Widomaker Webmail login page, located at a suspicious and foreign domain name, would be displayed. Any information provided on that fake page would be sent to the phishers/hackers.

Please take several minutes to visit the below links. Learn about phishing and how to avoid falling for a phishing attempt targeting you…


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