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[Resolved] Dial-up Issues (Updated 12/19/2016)

Note: The most recent updates on the issues, described below, will be added to the bottom of this post.

There is, as of 12/9/2016, a known issue affecting some Dial-up Internet access users. This issue only affects Dial-up users. All other services, including Broadband DSL, are unaffected. Our dial-up carrier partner has provided the following update:

NOC [Network Operations Center] is aware of issues affecting dial-up access numbers marked as CT/CT2 in Lata [Local Access and Transport Area] 252 [Hampton Roads].
User will experiencing the following issues:

Our ULC [Underlying Carrier] reports they are aware of the issue and state this is occurring due to a higher level transport circuit with an upstream vendor. The vendor reports they have a rough ETA of 12/10/16 11:45 AM EST.

We will provide further details as they become available.

Update 12/10/2016 1:43:00 PM…

Our carrier has reported the initial repairs have been completed however an OC3 is down with a 3rd party vendor. This is being investigated by this vendor at this time. Unfortunately no ETR [Estimated Time of Resolution] is available and our carrier is requesting an imminent escalation as this is unacceptable.

We will provide additional details as they become available.

Update 12/11/2016 1:02:00 PM…

Our carrier reports their 3rd party vendor was able to route traffic around the impacted tandem to temporary correct the issue. Our carrier reports they are seeing calls now reach their network however they do not consider this issue resolved. This is still being worked by the 3rd party vendor.

Please advise if you seeing any further issues in cases where calls do not reach your equipment. We will place these examples to our carrier to advise further.

Dial-up Issue Reporting Instructions:

As indicated in the above update, our dial-up partner has requested to be advised of any further issues so that details can be passed along to the responsible parties. Please notify Widomaker if you experience trouble, such as busy signals or operator intercepts, when attempting to connect via dial-up. Provide the following details, via e-mail, or telephone message, when making a trouble report:

    E-mail address
    Contact telephone number
    Telephone number your modem is dialing from
    The telephone company that provides that number/line
    The Dial-up access number your modem is calling
    Result of the call (busy or operator message)
    Date and time of the attempted call

Update 12/13/2016 3:38:00 PM…

Traffic is still being routed around the troubled area, though we have not had confirmation that the original issue has been resolved. Since the reroute is in place, our carrier does not believe this to be service affecting, as traffic levels appear normal. Please open a new ticket or call Support if there are any additional issues.

Update 12/19/2016 1:52:00 PM…

After being resolved for days, some dial-up connection issues resurfaced on 12/19/2016, and have been reported to our dial-up carrier partner, who replicated the issues and opened a ticket with their underlying carrier. In addition to the issues described previously (Busies and Operator Intercepts), dead air has been reported.

Update 12/19/2016 4:22:00 PM…

The issue appears to be resolved. Please report any continuing issues (using the Dial-up Issue Reporting Instructions provided above) to Widomaker Support. We received the following update from our dial-up carrier partner:

Our carrier had a brief issue that was resolved. Our latest test calls receive modem tones.


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