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DSL Users Should Disable Windows 10’s Update Delivery Optimization

DSL users may find that their Internet connection seems much slower once they have upgraded a computer to Windows 10, or purchased a new computer with Windows 10. This may be due to Windows 10’s default settings for Windows Updates using what Microsoft calls Windows Update Delivery Optimization.

Microsoft says:

When Delivery Optimization is turned on, your PC sends parts of apps or updates that you’ve downloaded using Delivery Optimization to other PCs on your local network, or on the Internet, depending on your settings.

By default, Windows Updates are shared to other computers on the Internet. That sharing takes up part of your available Internet bandwidth so that less bandwidth/speed is available to you. To avoid the potential slowing down of your available bandwidth/speed, you will need to disable Update Delivery Optimization in Windows 10 by following the steps Microsoft provides in their Windows Update Delivery Optimization FAQ.

The instructions to turn Delivery Optimization off can be found at the below Microsoft website link, in the section titled, “How do I turn Delivery Optimization off?”…


  1. Go to Start [Windows logo], then Settings ⚙ > Update & security > Windows Update, and then select Advanced options.
  2. On the Advanced options page, select Choose how updates are delivered, and then use the toggle to turn Delivery Optimization off. When turned off, you’ll still get updates and apps from Windows Update and from the Windows Store.

Additionally, it would be a good idea to Change When the Computer Sleeps, when plugged-in, so it does not “go to sleep” overnight. Then, leave the computer on, overnight, for several nights after Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday.

Patch Tuesday occurs on the second, and sometimes fourth, Tuesday of each month in North America [Wikipedia].

This would avoid the computer downloading and installing updates while you are trying to use your computer, in the daytime. Instead, it should perform those tasks, in the early morning hours, while you not using your computer or Internet connection.

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