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D-Link routers contain buffer overflow vulnerability (VU#332115, CVE-2016-5681)

Several models of D-Link DIR routers contain a vulnerability that may be used to remotely compromise the device. If you use a D-Link DIR router, please review the US-CERT Vulnerability Note and D-Link public advisory to determine if your specific model is affected.

These models have been confirmed to be affected:

  • DIR-850L B1
  • DIR-822 A1
  • DIR-823 A1
  • DIR-895L A1
  • DIR-890L A1
  • DIR-885L A1
  • DIR-880L A1
  • DIR-868L B1
  • DIR-868L C1
  • DIR-817L(W)
  • DIR-818L(W)

If you need assistance verifying your firmware version, or updating firmware, on a D-Link router, you may contact Widomaker (which may require dropping off your equipment at our office, after speaking to a technician on the phone), or one of the local computer repair shops, in the area.

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