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Anti-Spam Upgrade for widomaker.com E-Mail Accounts

This week Widomaker will be upgrading the anti-spam systems for widomaker.com e-mail accounts. Please note that this will only affect customers who use an e-mail address that ends in “widomaker.com” (or an alternate form).

The new Widomaker.com Anti-Spam System provides more options, better accuracy, and increased speed of processing. The only difference that e-mail users should notice is less spam or junk e-mail in their mailbox.

The anti-spam filtering methods and system have been specifically designed to avoid false positives. However, if you notice that a legitimate message has been rejected as spam, please notify us so we can look into the issue.

Optionally, a personal anti-spam control panel is available and a periodic protection report can be e-mailed, in PDF format, to a customer’s widomaker.com e-mail address. Any customers interested in receiving this report should contact our office to enable that option. A very small monthly fee applies for this option.

The PDF report outlines a summary of the spam and viruses that the filtering service has protected your e-mail address from receiving.

To view the report, a PDF reader is required. You may already have a PDF reader installed on your computer. If not, there are several free PDF readers available.

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