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DNS Server Migration

DNS-iconWidomaker will be migrating our DNS servers to a new DNS server provider, over the next several days. This should not have an effect on any customers. However, we are posting this notice in case of any unexpected side-effects.

If Widomaker provides DNS services for your domain name, please verify that DNS resolution is working properly over the next several days, and notify us, immediately, if you notice any issues. We will be checking telephone voice mail messages regularly, outside of office hours, over the next several days, in case any customers need to report DNS issues.

Customers that host their domain name’s DNS, website, or e-mail, with us, should verify that their website continues to open, and e-mail continues to work normally, over the next several days. If any DNS issues occur, contact our office immediately, and leave a detailed message, including your domain name’s exact spelling.

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