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[Fixed] Queenslake DSL Outage (03-28-2012)

Some DSL customers in the Queenslake area of Williamsburg, VA, area began to experience an outage starting around 7:00 AM today (03-28-2012). We have reported this outage to the phone company and are working with them to resolve the problem as soon as possible. At this time they have not provided an ETR (Estimated Time of Repair/Resolution). We will keep this page and our telephone system message updated with details and updates as we receive them. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update: 7:55 AM:
The phone company has confirmed the outage and are working on a resolution.  No ETA as of yet.

Update: 3:00PM
All services restored.

This site was setup to help communicate with customers on Widomaker services and network outages/upgrades.
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