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Severe Weather Alerting Apps for Android

Have you ever wanted to get severe weather alerts on your Android phone or tablet? Me too! If you’re anything like me, a little bit of a technology geek and a little bit of a weather geek, you may want the tiny supercomputer in your pocket to tell you about any weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service (NWS).

In recent years, occasionally, after a weather warning was issued, a notification from Google would appear in the Android Notification Drawer, but that wasn’t consistent, and I frequently wouldn’t see the notification. There used to be many different weather apps to install, on your Android device, that would offer some alerting options. However, many have been discontinued, filled with too many obnoxious ads, or just aren’t of a good quality anymore. As a result, I’ve been on a quest to find good quality options to get weather alerts on my Android devices.

After many months, on and off, searching for better weather alerting apps on Android, I have found several that I believe are worthy of mention. Unfortunately, I did not find a single app that did everything I wanted. However, I was able to get the weather alerting features, I was looking for, by using a combination of more specialized apps. I will present those apps below…

Severe Weather! (warnings) by Michael Diener – Software e.K.

This app is by an indie app developer out of Germany, and is regularly updated.  A small in-app purchase will get rid of the ads.

Rain Alarm by Michael Diener – Software e.K.

This app is also by the same indie app developer as Severe Weather! (warnings), and is regularly updated.  A small in-app purchase will get rid of the ads.

Windy.com app by Windyty SE

This app doesn’t provide weather alerts, but is an excellent weather forecast app with extensive information for the serious weather geek, including multiple forecast models. It has quickly become my favorite weather app.

Honorable Mentions

I also wanted to give honorable mentions to the FEMA app (Federal Emergency Management Agency), which offers some weather alerting options, as well as the Emergency – American Red Cross app, which offers some weather alerts. Both of those apps are free with no ads, but are not rated as highly as the other apps mentioned above.

This blog post has not been sponsored, by any of the mentioned app authors, in any way. I hope you will enjoy the mentioned weather apps as much as I am!


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