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Holiday Shopping Options (Local and Online)

During the upcoming holiday shopping days, we encourage folks to shop locally as much as possible. The Daily Press has a local shopping section and a local business directory that may be useful.

If you are looking for a new computer, laptop, or similar device, consider contacting one or more of the local computer shops in the area (click here).

However, even with the many excellent local shopping options, sometimes it’s nice to avoid crowds and traffic, by purchasing some items online.

Amazon.com, the world’s largest online retailer, will be running various deals in the coming days and weeks. You can search for an item you are looking for by using the search box (below), the search box on the Widomaker members web page (http://home.widomaker.com/), or by browsing Amazon.com’s web site.

Additionally, with a free trial of Amazon Prime, you can watch TV and movies online (click here for details).

Shopping online at Amazon.com is fast and easy. Just click the image below, or use the search box to find something on your shopping list.

This site was setup to help communicate with customers on Widomaker services and network outages/upgrades.
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